We Support Farmers

Nearly one billion people face hunger every day in this world, while the unsustainable patterns of consumption and production from which they are excluded have placed us all on a collision course with our planet’s ecological limits. We have entered an age of crisis where; food price spikes and oil price hikes.

There are millions of individual stories of suffering and heartbreak as families struggle to cope with deepening poverty. Households are falling into debt and mothers and children going without meals and healthcare. To overcome this situation we need to grow more food; for this we are supporting small farmers in Pakistan. We have introduced an idea of Community-supported Agriculture (CSA), generally focuses on the production of high quality cash crops for local community and market needs, which is resulting in stronger consumer-producer relationship. The small farmers are organized into groups which share the market information and help during our training and advocacy campaigns. We are maintaining the data of small progressive farmers and helping them through regular trainings and market support.

Till now we have organized 63 farmers groups having minimum 50 members in each group. In Gilgit-Baltistan, we are supporting Potato growers and in Naran Valley-KPK, we are providing market support to offseason Peas growers. Your support will be indispensable as we move towards a journey of full transformation through poverty eradication in Pakistan.