We Invest in Health & Nutrition

The forest based communities of Neelam Valley, Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PaK) are facing serious health hazards because of the excessive release of carbon into environment as result of inadvertent use of wood as domestic fuel. Consequently, women and young children are exposed to high levels of indoor air pollution every day. Lack of awareness among communities about the adverse effects of carbon is the major cause of spreading TB in the area. TB was prevalent in rural areas of Pakistan but unfortunately, it remained the most neglected healthcare issue in the control programs as no effective measures were taken to educate communities on the removal of its contributive causes. Besides all efforts, Pakistan is still regarded as 6th highest country in the world having more TB patients and as per the official survey of Pakistan government, TB is still the most common disease in Pakistan.

The onslaught of TB in the forest communities of Neelam Valley can be controlled if the contributive causes of these diseases are reduced by educating communities on the latest knowledge about TB and causes of its propagation. Our organization is working closely with TB-affected population and the National TB Control Program of Pakistan. We recruit and train TB treatment supporters who visit patients at home and observe them taking their treatment from the Basic Health Units (BHUs). They are paid a stipend per patient and are encouraged to take responsibility for no more than 10 patients a month. We invite everyone from around the world to help us in our initiative to eradicate TB from the marginalized communities of Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

The main area of focus of the organization is to improve the lives of people-primarily those living in low and middle income communities, who lack the resources to obtain quality healthcare. We collaborate with effective global and local partners to address complex problems and differentiate our work, in part, by an unwavering commitment to delivering long-term results. The organization supports the long-standing efforts to battle multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.